Life, as a repeat episode…

Yesterday was my youngest niece, Michelle’s prom which was pretty amazing. She looked so beautiful and it was pretty humbling for me to see where she had come from to now. One thing was missing…my oldest niece, Jessica. It was nearly 15 years ago when it was time for me to go on my prom. The understanding was that my sister would be there to do my makeup and support me on this important day. But she wasn’t. For whatever reason, she wasn’t there and I was furious! She called me and I let her have it. Needless to say, that was the last time I spoke to her. Several months later, she was dead.

It’s ironic how you are put in similar life situations which allow you to give wisdom and advice from your own experience. Now the year is 2009 and it’s time for Little Michelle’s prom, and her sister is nowhere to be found. Sound familiar? Prom does not seem that important to me now, but that is a major event when you’re young. I know that Michelle wanted her sister to be there with her. But I told her to please not have any negative thoughts or words for Jessica. Right now Jessica is living her own life and unfortunately her life does not include us now. God forbid anything happen to Jessica but if it did, I would not want Michelle to have the same guilt that I had after my sister died.

So I did Michelle’s makeup. And we decided that Michelle would take a picture with Jessica’s picture…since she wasn’t there. And I believe that she would have been there if she could have. And one day Jessica will come back to us because a family’s love is stronger than any worldly possession. I hope she can feel it.

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