What’s a video??

From my post on the Michael Jackson memorial website…

When Michael’s first major video, Billie Jean came out, my mom told my dad that she was gonna go watch a “video”. (Which meant she was going to go watch Billie Jean because that was the only “video” she knew about). My dad then responds “What’s a video??” (with this totally confused dumb look on his face). May not sound funny to you, but it cracked me up…cracked us all up. Michael was a part of my childhood, my growing up, my youth. I can’t believe you’re gone Michael. I plan on using my God-given talents and gifts to the best of my ability in your memory. You are free, no more suffering, let your beautiful spirit take flight and although your body is no longer with us, your music lives on; from generation to generation. Blessings to the family…

Michele L. Whitney

P.S. My mother is convinced that the only reason Thriller sold so many albums is because people like her wore out the records and when they started to skip had to buy like 3 or 4 more copies! LOL! 🙂

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