September 11th…

Going through my old journals, I ran across an entry I wrote on September 20, 2001 about September 11th (disclaimer:  there may be inaccuracies, but I was telling the story from my memory at the time):

“Okay so it has been awhile since I’ve written, not a long time, but so much has happened in that small amount of time.  On Tuesday, September 11, the USA was under attack.  I know, that’s hard to believe, but it happened.  I haven’t had the guts to write about it until now.  I’ve been stuck in the TV, watching news reports.  But here is the story.  We were at work [Ford] when we heard that a plane crashed into the World Trade Center.  We all thought it was just an accident.  Then, we saw that another plane crashed into the other side of the World Trade Center.  Then we knew we were under attack. Maybe 10 minutes later, we heard that another plane crashed into the Pentagon.  Shortly after that a plane crashed in Pennsylvania, apparently headed for the White House.  Apparently all four of these planes were hi-jacked by terrorists.  They are saying now that thousands of people have died.  The World Trade Center collapsed and many firemen and policemen were killed.

It was an unbelievable tragedy that even a week later, people have to convince me that I’m not dreaming.  It was unreal.  They sent us home on the day it happened to be with our families.  They shut down downtown Chicago for fear that terrorists may try to strike there. They shut down all airports and air travel for almost 2 days.  It was an unbelievable situation.  Something that changed my life forever.”

How do you remember that day?

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