Understanding (prayer)

Father God, I am asking for understanding in what you are trying to accomplish in my life through past and current circumstances.  Please help me to not get stuck in circumstances and know that Your will and purpose is best for me.

Patience (prayer)

Father, I am asking you for patience today.  I am asking that you teach me how to have faith in You only.  I know that You know my weaknesses and I am asking that You make me strong in those areas.

Social People

I’ve been quite observant of people lately.  Trying to figure out what enables a person to be more social than others.  I’ve noticed that one thing is that people who are more social are able to talk about themselves A LOT.  They can be a bit self-centered.  Not necessarily reflective before they speak.  Of course these … More Social People

Musical Love

I started playing the flute when I was 10.  I remember I was in the 4th grade.  At the school I went to, Poe Classical School, we all had to choose an instrument to play.  The most popular instrument was the flute, probably followed closely by the clarinet.  Some of the kids had difficulty fixing … More Musical Love

My first memory…

My first memory was creative.  I was sitting down in front of some kind of box, I’m not sure if it was a shoebox, wig box or what.  But I remember being in a fashion show where for entertainment this man was playing the bongos.  I loved the way those drums sounded.  I wanted to … More My first memory…