My first memory…

My first memory was creative.  I was sitting down in front of some kind of box, I’m not sure if it was a shoebox, wig box or what.  But I remember being in a fashion show where for entertainment this man was playing the bongos.  I loved the way those drums sounded.  I wanted to recreate that sound.  So my first memory was me banging my hands on a box; pretending they were bongos or drums and singing some kind of song.  I was maybe 4 years old.

I was always finding ways to bring creativity into the world.  I remember watching the primetime television show “Dynasty”, which was pretty popular back in the 80s.  The show had this exhilarating music in its opening credits; the music was instrumental, but for some reason I heard words to that song.  I used to chant these words every time that music started to play (and to be honest, I still chant these words), “Dynasty…from nutragrain.”  What the hell did that mean?  Hey, it went well with the music.

My mother tells me that there were other songs too.  She said I had an entire song I came up with for the television series, “MASH”.  I don’t remember my song for that show, but I still don’t think anything tops Dynasty from nutragrain.

So why, with all of this creativity inside of me, did I decide to go to business school…and initially major in accounting?

I really needed my head examined.

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