Social People

I’ve been quite observant of people lately.  Trying to figure out what enables a person to be more social than others.  I’ve noticed that one thing is that people who are more social are able to talk about themselves A LOT.  They can be a bit self-centered.  Not necessarily reflective before they speak.  Of course these are just my observations and opinions.  Another thing is that it seems like social people take every opportunity to socialize, talk, ask questions, etc.  During breaks or break time, they are talking, complaining, or asking questions, or something. It’s interesting, I actually wrote this during a break at work, which means I was writing in a journal instead of being social.  But if I wasn’t writing in a journal, I’m not sure what I would be doing.  Probably just sitting here staring into space, which was what I was doing before I started writing anyway.  I don’t know, just my observations.


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