The Metal is Now Ready

My favorite movie of all time is The Ten Commandments.  There is a scene in that movie that I thought of the other day.  It is the part after Moses, aka Charleton Heston, has been banned and driven out of Egypt.  It is important that I say that this is from the movie; I am making no claims on being a Bible expert.  But in the movie, after Moses has been driven out of Egypt, he has to travel on foot across the desert with limited food and water.  He gets to a point that he is so exhausted and dehydrated that he finally passes out.  Moses is utterly beaten, worn down and he can go no further; he is done.  The narrator, Cecil B. Demille (also the film’s producer), at that part in the movie says “the metal is now ready for the Maker’s hands.”  The movie then shows Moses, clearly being pulled across the desert by a force unknown, as if he’s trying to stop, but some amazing force just keeps pulling him forward.  We all know that if Moses had given up, he would have never fulfilled God’s purpose of delivering the people out of Egypt.

Now I’m not likening myself to Moses or any of the great prophets of the Bible, but the phrase in the movie “the metal is now ready for the Maker’s hands” and the visual that followed it really spoke to me.  It spoke to me because perhaps that is where I am in my life and current circumstances.  Perhaps I have been knocked down and discouraged and hurt so much, trying to do it the human way, my own self-centered way, that finally, it’s time for me to let God take over and lead me across the desert to fulfill His purpose through me.


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