Enjoy the journey

I read something today that really resonated with me. It was an affirmation that said something to the effect of “enjoying the journey.” Sometimes I get so caught up in the destination, I don’t enjoy what’s happening on the way there. I have to keep this in mind every time I’m tempted to stress out … More Enjoy the journey

Validate Me

I’ve been working lately on not needing so much external validation. When I do not get the support that I think I should, I’m working on supporting myself. Or at least I try to find a healthy way to give myself the support and encouragement I need. The validation needs to come from within me. … More Validate Me

Controlling Crazy

Perhaps I should stop trying to control my thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions toward certain people and situations. Maybe I should just be aware of what is happening and aware of when things are not healthy, or not for my benefit. Maybe that’s all I can do for now, is let go of trying to … More Controlling Crazy

Sneaky Loneliness

Emotions all over the place. But this is not new. It just seems like the stuff I have to work through has no end. It’s like there are so many layers to work through in order to get back to my authentic self. Sometimes it feels like I will never get there. It’s funny that … More Sneaky Loneliness