Enjoy the journey

I read something today that really resonated with me. It was an affirmation that said something to the effect of “enjoying the journey.” Sometimes I get so caught up in the destination, I don’t enjoy what’s happening on the way there. I have to keep this in mind every time I’m tempted to stress out … More Enjoy the journey

Validate Me

I’ve been working lately on not needing so much external validation. When I do not get the support that I think I should, I’m working on supporting myself. Or at least I try to find a healthy way to give myself the support and encouragement I need. The validation needs to come from within me. … More Validate Me

Controlling Crazy

Perhaps I should stop trying to control my thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions toward certain people and situations. Maybe I should just be aware of what is happening and aware of when things are not healthy, or not for my benefit. Maybe that’s all I can do for now, is let go of trying to … More Controlling Crazy

Sneaky Loneliness

Emotions all over the place. But this is not new. It just seems like the stuff I have to work through has no end. It’s like there are so many layers to work through in order to get back to my authentic self. Sometimes it feels like I will never get there. It’s funny that … More Sneaky Loneliness

Little girl reborn

My recovery goal is to get myself back in touch with the little girl I was before I knew what dysfunction was all about. I’m not denying or skipping over the past, I’m just remembering that little girl is still me. The cute, adorable little girl with a great smile and attractive personality…the little girl … More Little girl reborn

Hot Symphony

Music is beautiful and brilliant.  I’m  not just talking about the music you hear on the radio that has been distorted by computers and music videos.  I am talking about the original music; the music that is created by instruments and when combined in orchestration with other instruments, creates a sound as beautiful as a … More Hot Symphony