Dancing the steps

The 12 steps are not just for alcoholics and addicts. They are God’s gift to all people that have had to go through some type of challenge or dysfunction. So to me that means they are pretty much God’s gift to all of us. I really never understood how the 12 steps or 12-step meetings could help me in my own life, and I guess I would have never fully understood until I actually went to a meeting. If I only had a few words to describe 12 step meetings, I would call them a “safe place.”

It is a place where I can be as messed up as I want to be, and not feel judged. It is one place I feel accepted and not rejected. And to be honest, it is a place where I can see with my own two eyes that there are other people more messed up than me. The 12 steps and going to meetings have been critical components in my own personal healing.

The steps have helped my focus and concentration. And through working the steps, I feel, most importantly, God as a constant being that works through and in my life. I feel Him in the way of ideas, creativity, and clarity.

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