Hot Symphony

Music is beautiful and brilliant.  I’m  not just talking about the music you hear on the radio that has been distorted by computers and music videos.  I am talking about the original music; the music that is created by instruments and when combined in orchestration with other instruments, creates a sound as beautiful as a sunset and as thrilling as a fast car.  The kind of music that makes your heart beat fast and literally makes your spine tingle.  I am talking about the music of the symphony; flutes, strings, brass, percussion; all of the instruments that go into making that brilliant sound.

You feel the amazing passion, energy, and enthusiasm in your bones as the conductor sways back and forth to the music and directs the orchestra to an overwhelming feeling that takes over your soul.

Whew…is it hot in here?

Imagine sitting there right in the midst of it all…on stage…being a part of a symphony that creates that beautiful, brilliant music.

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