Little girl reborn

My recovery goal is to get myself back in touch with the little girl I was before I knew what dysfunction was all about. I’m not denying or skipping over the past, I’m just remembering that little girl is still me. The cute, adorable little girl with a great smile and attractive personality…the little girl that was lovable, just because she was just lovable as she was. She didn’t have to change a thing about herself, she was fine the way she was. She was a “girly girl” dressed up in the cutest clothes, the prettiest hairstyles, she looked like a doll. She was talented. And no one could tell her that her talent wasn’t enough, because her whole being was enough. She was creative, she was intelligent, and the other kids wanted a little of what she had. But whatever she had, it was enough.

In some ways, we all lose that child, but I think for me, that child was not lost. She either died or disintegrated. I think it would be easier for me to get in touch with that inner child if she was just lost. It’s more difficult to rebirth or recreate the core of who I really am.

Like a tulip blooming in spring, that little girl doll, who is me, is coming back slowly, but surely…

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