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  You are loved. Feel love’s pulse in your Heart. Trust & know this love is for you. Take your fill of Love. May your cup floweth over quenching others’ thirst.

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    *Dichotomy: a contrast between two things that are opposed or completely different   . Earthling I am, Alone, Searching, wondering, wandering, fearing. Longing. But to the heavens I belong, I am never alone, I am held in the hollow of a hand, Held together, no matter how shattered, All…

Are You Feeling Me?

The other day I talked about the process I use when dealing with my own abandonment issues. The process goes something like this: Understand the trigger Become aware of the emotion (feeling) Feel the feelings Let the negative thoughts come up Re-frame negative thoughts/Modify the unhealthy behavior This process can be used for any difficult … More Are You Feeling Me?