Gratitude Break

I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I have received on my blog over the past several days. I am so grateful that my own journey is inspiring others. I started this to aid in my own healing. What an amazing blessing that it has touched others.

Today, I am going to take a break because Friday’s post will be a biggie. I will be talking about being abandoned by love…specifically romantic love. And I am strumming up the courage to tell you all my most recent story and the lessons I have learned, as well as of course incorporating some amazing self development literature. Who knew all that stuff really helps? 🙂

Then the weekend will bring a couple of inspirational posts and then Monday we will explore one of my favorite topics…animals. I will talk about animal abandonment from both sides, when our animals leave us, or when we have to leave our animals (as I think about it, that actually may be a two part series). Well, that is the plan for now. I’m taking things one day at a time. Who knew that really worked?

So stay tuned and thanks so much for the support! ❤

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