Sleepy Saturday – There is always hope

I really want to make a difference in this world. I want to do great things for God. Lately I have felt that I have let Him down. Lately I have felt that I have let others down that have gone to great lengths to help me. I feel I have let those down that have great confidence in me.

I have let myself down.

I am going through a drought in so many areas of my life. It’s a constant battle to focus on the positive. “The bad stuff is easier to believe (quote from the movie, Pretty Woman).” Sometimes I feel so lost and so broken. Sometimes I feel that there is no hope.

I let the feelings come up and out…and then they begin to pass when I remember the phrase,

there is always hope.

I still have bad days. But that’s okay. I used to have bad years. -Anonymous

“Sometimes the old feelings creep back in. We may feel fearful, ashamed, and hopeless. We may feel not good enough, unlovable, victimized, helpless, and resentful about it all. This is codependency, a condition some describe as soul-sickness…The solution is to practice the basics…loving and trusting ourself, detachment, dealing with feelings, giving and receiving support…using our affirmations, and having fun (Beattie, 1990).”

Today, I am going to take some time to treat my soul sickness…
Happy Saturday. ❤

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