This is an amazing post by a fellow blogger. As I look toward writing about perfection, it is a wonderful reminder that we are all “perfectly” beautiful.
I especially love this part where the author writes: “My dogs, too, and my cat are frequently reminded of how much I appreciate their extraordinary companionship — their beautiful spirits bringing smiles and healing to my life every day.” A wonderful testament to the beauty of the human-animal bond. Thank you so much for this. 🙂

Musings of a Horse Mom

There is a road near home that I travel occasionally. It’s a lovely rolling, broken country road peppered with estates and farms on either side and overhung by old maples, oaks, elms and spruces. It’s one of my favourite routes to travel going east-west.

I first noticed this random, incongruous sign (pictured) on this lovely road a couple of years ago. My eyes had wandered for a second as I was heading east and there it was, nailed to a tree at the front of someone’s property, its white, hand-printed block letters squeezed with effort into too small an area. Yet the message was clear to anyone who happened upon it … “YOU ARE BEAUTIFul.”

Naturally it made me smile —  first, because it was so whimsical and, second, because its message had brightened my day and, in its innocence made me, indeed, feel my beauty.

It was obviously put there on…

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