Still Here…

Hello beautiful people…

I haven’t posted in a few days, but I’m still here. I will post something substantive in the next day or so. It’s been one of those weeks where the little things that have gone wrong or have gone “sideways” have triggered underlying bigger emotional issues. And of course today I had an emotional therapy session, which made things even sweeter (being sarcastic). You know, the kind of session where you think you will walk in your therapist’s office with everything figured out, you’re living in acceptance about everything, right? Wrong. What usually happens is that I walk out of her office in tears because really all along I’ve  just been in denial about what’s wrong…


So, I’m still here, still on the journey…it’s a process and I have to remember how far I have come. I’m still hanging in there. And sometimes, that’s all we can do.

Cheers! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Still Here…

  1. hang on there, sweet lady, things will get better…i sense many of us are going through a massive “cleaning” and emotional detox right now, so things we have buried for a long time are now resurfacing so much because they have to come out and be dealt with properly…sending you a hug and remember always the goddess you truly are (((♥)))

  2. Michele, I think it must help to share your feelings on here. It seems to me, from what you say, that you are a well balanced person, but my feeling is that perhaps you don’t always appreciate how good you are – well, we know that! I can certainly relate to that! Perhaps it helps to remember that however bad you may be feeling, those feelings will give way to better ones. Keep going and please also remember that we’re all on your side.

  3. I understand and can relate so well to what you post here dear girl. Don’t fret – you are growing and persuing purpose and course correction. I’ve been where you are — some days therapy doesn’t feel so therapeutic and that’s usually because we are resisting necessary changes to getting better. Keep at it and keep writing whatever/whenever you can. I keep a daily personal blog that no one reads…it’s for me and it can be extremely therapeutic. We’ll be here for you when your ready! 🙂

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