The Shrink Who Killed Gazoo

Hello everyone!

My latest essay, “The Shrink Who Killed Gazoo,” has just been published! Please visit r.kv.r.y. quarterly literary journal to read my piece as well as to read the pieces of other authors on the site. It is truly an awesome journal. Anyway, the link to my essay is below.

Enjoy! 🙂


The Shrink Who Killed Gazoo.

7 thoughts on “The Shrink Who Killed Gazoo

  1. Michele, Congratulations! I’m glad to see that your work is beginning to get published. It may be operator error, but I had trouble with the link. I’ll try again later. Many blessings, Sloan

    1. Thanks Sloan! I don’t think it’s operator error, I had an issue too. There may be an issue with the link, but it works when you copy the link and paste it in your browser address window. Or just go to and it’s on the front page anyway.

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