What Kind of Ugly Does God Like?

Last Thursday, I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus along with a few other people. It was raining hard, and it had been raining all morning. A van came speeding by splashing water on the curb, and as a result splashed water on a guy who was standing close to the curb. The guy quickly began to shake the water off of him while pulling out a cigarette. The van was long gone because the vehicle was moving so quickly through the rain to make the light. As the man, who was now partially wet from getting splashed lit his cigarette, he turned to the rest of us (all ladies) and said,

“That mother f*** is lucky he had a green light. If he would have stopped at the light I woulda kicked his window in.”

I looked down. Another lady nervously laughed. The other lady didn’t say a word. The man went on,

“I don’t play that s***. I mean there’s usually a bottle or brick laying around here somewhere. If that f***er would have stopped at the light, I woulda had to do something. I mean, it’s not about getting wet, it’s raining. It’s just that that mother f*** did that s*** on purpose.”

The lady that laughed began shaking her head in agreement and said yeah, uh huh. Me and the other lady just stared into space. The guy began waving his arm and the hand he was smoking with in the air, because now, he at least had an audience of one…so he went on,

“I’m sorry for cussing ya’ll. But I’m just sayin’ that karma is a bitch. And God don’t like ugly.”


So which ugly is it that God doesn’t like? The “ugly” that this van could have possibly splashed water on you in the rain on purpose?

Or could it be that God doesn’t like the “ugliness” of you talking about the violence you would have inflicted on said person if you had the chance?

People are so quick to throw God into things and to put Him on our side in all situations…even when we are wrong. Although I do believe that God loves us and is always on our side, God (however you define Him/Her or It) is a God of Justice. But even more than that, God is on the side of Love. And Love was absent in both these situations.

That guy was right about one thing though. God doesn’t like ugly…because the very nature of God is beautiful. And Beauty is what we should seek in everything we do. Of course we all fall short, or I know that I fall short, more often than I like to admit. But it may be helpful in situations like I just described to stop for a moment before we react to determine if our reaction is coming from an ugly or a beautiful place.

And then, choose the beautiful place…

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