Cosmic Accidents, Writers Block & Purpose

“I just feel like God put me here for a reason. Even if the only reason is me just sitting in my [favorite] chair.” -My mama


My posts have been a bit flimsy as of late for many reasons. Mostly because I’m going through one of those times in life where challenges are trying to get me down. Well challenges are succeeding in getting me down. Yesterday, I had a great crying session with a friend, and I feel a little better, although my problems remain unsolved.

Usually these are the times I should be writing the most; however, I often find myself looking at a piece of paper with nothing to say. Or I find myself not even wanting to sit down with the piece of paper to say anything.

I think it’s because of the sister feelings: fear and anger. Fear that writing will unleash uncontrollable sadness that I won’t be able to contain, and anger about whatever situation I find myself in, despite working so hard to do the right thing.

But the good thing is that I am back in front of the computer, writing this right now. Although I am tempted to give up, I now believe…no I know that I am no cosmic accident. I have a purpose here. It is unfolding as it should. My Higher Power planned for me in advance. Therefore, I cannot give up.

The above statement proves how far I have come in my spiritual journey and in my recovery.

So I haven’t chosen a topic for this month as of yet, and as of now, there may not be a topic. I may write whatever is on my heart. I appreciate the support of you…my readers as I go along on this bumpy, yet destiny-filled journey called life.

xoxo ❤


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4 thoughts on “Cosmic Accidents, Writers Block & Purpose

  1. Big hug to you Michele. The road is bumpy and you are not walking it along. I think your idea to “I may write whatever is on my heart” is the best idea!

  2. I love your comment of having a purpose here. We are all in the precisely right place, whether or not we believe it. Sometimes I questions why I am where I am, but trust that the Creator knows why– and that I may never know all of the lives I touch. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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