Life Happens

Last Thursday, I had to see and hire an attorney for a legal issue I’m facing. I fully expected this to be an awful experience. I expected to feel a lot of shame and sadness for this issue. I mean, it is an attorney we’re dealing with. Usually, we seek the counsel of attorneys for the bad stuff, and attorneys often get a stereotypical bad wrap. I was surprised at my experience that day. First, I was greeted with a smile from the attorney. He was nice, nonjudgmental, and funny. I found out he was a Christian and had actually attended my church at some point in the past. The meeting with him that I expected to be full of sadness and tears, was full of my boisterous laughter and looking at the humor in the situation.

There was one point in our conversation where I told him that,

Other than this situation…I’m really a good person.

He said,

I know this. But sometimes, life happens.

This is true. Life does happen. It seems to happen to me over and over again and quite frequently, I must say. But it’s nice when unexpected laughter and acceptance happens through all of that too.

Now one could argue that this attorney was being nice because he wanted my business. But regardless, I left the attorney’s office with a renewed hope. As I was walking to the bus, I unexpectedly ran into one of the pastors from my church. She asked me what was going on and I asked for her prayers as I told her of my legal situation. Her response,

Life Happens.

Enough said.

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