Be Kind to Yourself…Yeah, I’m Talkin’ To You!

We don’t have to earn the right to compassion; it is our birthright. -Kristin Neff1379619_sparrow

I haven’t been in the best of moods lately. I’m facing so many difficult feelings and emotions that I have long denied. And I’m just sitting with these emotions. No where to run or hide. The problem is that I’m having a hard time reframing and replacing my negative emotions with positive emotions. I began the year (as so many others do) with such hope and practical ideas to carry out my goals for the year. But now it appears that I have run out of steam. Inadequate. I feel like such a loser. I’m internalizing every negative thing and in the process, I am feeling unloved and afraid. 

Now with all that being said, I don’t want to feel this way. I want to feel strong, healthy and secure in myself. I know the truth about myself. I know that I am wonderful beautiful, and loved. I just don’t feel that way right now and I can understand why. These past 3 years have been difficult for me for many reasons, filled with loss, disappointment, and frustration. And although there have been plenty of times I have wanted to just give up, I have kept going.


What you have just witnessed is an internal/external dialogue that started out with me being down on myself and ended with me being kind to myself. This is what is called, self-compassion. I think that learning how to have compassion for ourselves is an essential part of giving compassion to others. This is not a foreign concept. Everyone knows that we must love ourselves before we can really show love to others. But loving ourselves is one thing. Being kind and compassionate to ourselves is a unique component within the idea of self love.

“We have to find compassion and embrace the darkness inside of us in order to understand it, and ultimately to transcend it.” -Debbie Ford (from The Shadow Effect)

Last month, I took a look at the concept of compassion and showing compassion to others. This month, I will explore the concept of self-compassion and what it actually means to be kind and compassionate to ourselves. It takes a little bit more than taking yourself out for a spa day…although this helps!

I hope that you enjoy my insights this month. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Be Kind to Yourself…Yeah, I’m Talkin’ To You!

      1. I love your blogs Michele, most importantly your honesty about life and the journey you are on. Thank you for sharing such intimate feelings with us. We love you, value you and are on this journey with you! ❤

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