Building a Basement

The Summer 2015 issue of Diverse Arts Project is out. If you’re a fan of online journals with a purpose, please visit, as it is a beautiful issue.

But specifically, please visit the site to ready my latest essay Building a Basement in the memoir/nonfiction section. This essay is an emotional (of course) account of my coming to terms with my grandma’s Alzheimer’s disease when I was a preteen.

This essay had actually been lingering around for awhile, it was originally inspired by a call for submissions from a Chicken Soup for the Soul issue about caregiving. Although it didn’t get accepted by Chicken Soup, I still very much believed in the essay, and shopped it around to a few more places, getting rejections. Finally, I got a little outside help to refine and polish the essay, and began to shop it around again, and unexpectedly got an acceptance from the Diverse Arts Project. I’m very honored to have my work published on this beautiful site, and very excited to share another piece of my life with my readers.

Enjoy! 🙂

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