About this blog

“…a beautiful, inspiring, and honest story about her journey through life.” -Bella Bleue Healing, Health & Inspiration for Your Life ™

“…she inspires me with every entry…She has much talent and is a true survivor and animal lover. I feel connected to her with every word she writes.” -My Soulful Healing

“…a soulful and graceful spirit who has opened her life and her journey to include anyone who wishes to share it with her.” –MoonLightened Way

This blog contains samples of my writing that range from creative nonfiction to journal entries, prayers, or the many deep thoughts that swim around in my head. Many posts center around recovery, emotional healing, and overall wellbeing. My belief is that our overall wellbeing can be enhanced through connection.

My blog is an honest look into many areas of my life that I hope others can connect to. The magic in connecting with my story is an awareness that you are not alone and this will lead you to self-reflection. This self-reflection allows you to open your heart and mind to many spiritual awakenings (breakthroughs or deeper understandings about yourself).

If not for blogging, this writing may never be read by anyone else. I call it Words of Compassion, Creativity, and Knowledge, because in essence, those are the three spiritual gifts that have been given to me by the Divine and are being expressed by me through words.

My ultimate vision is to enhance our emotional health by encouraging connection in three ways:

  • Connecting with music (and other creative arts)
  • Connecting with animals (and nature)
  • Connecting with our Inner Child (True Self)

I am honored and delighted to be a part of the blogging community. Perhaps you will get a little insight, or a new perspective from reading my blog. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


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