Creative Writing

Published Creative Nonfiction

Music and Beer.” Diverse Voices Quarterly (December, 2011, p. 60)

“As my musical talent became stronger and I had more performance opportunities, my dad found more opportunities to drink.”

The Shrink Who Killed Gazoo.” r.kv.r.y. Quarterly Literary Journal (Summer, 2012)

“So this little green guy sits on my shoulder and fills my head with guilt, shame, and blame, even though I know the truth. He thinks he’s helping me, but he’s really not. Gazoo is the little bugger that causes me to ‘magically think.'”

Who and Where is God? It’s Pretty Foggy.” The Griffin  (2013, p. 41)

“Years later, my spiritual journey took me to a place where I began to understand that God wasn’t some guy hanging out in the clouds. I came to believe that God is everywhere and that He operates as Spirit.”

She Had Known Me Forever.” The Foliate Oak Literary Magazine (January, 2014)

“I paused for a moment. Did I just tell this girl that I had been to a party or a funeral? How was it? How do you think it was? I heard talk of how the undertaker had to cover up the gunshot wound on my sister’s head. They still don’t know who killed her. I heard my mom asking God, why do people have to die. I saw my sister who had once been so full of life being lowered in the ground.Tears, tears, and more tears. It was the most devastating experience of my life.”

Building a Basement.” The Diverse Arts Project (Summer, 2015)

“Then there was the time that she put a hamburger in the dryer thinking it was the fridge.”

Adventures with a Vanishing Grandma.” The Griffin (2016, p. 51)

My Diseased Hope.” The Delmarva Review (2016)

Other Creative Nonfiction

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