Melodies by Michele

608415_too_many_notes___Welcome! My name is Michele Whitney and I am a flutist who is dedicated to providing flute music for all of your special events. These events include, but are not limited to: Weddings; Dinner Parties; Trade Shows; Private Parties; Fundraisers; or any kind of event where flute music is desired.

I have been playing the flute for over 20 years, performing in different venues throughout the Chicago area, with over 5 years in the performance business. I work very closely with my clients to understand the the environment of the event. The end result will be an amazing musical experience that no one will forget.

Many people may think of the flute as a soft, unheard instrument. However, my sound is unique. My flexible sound can resonate through a quiet wedding ceremony, filling the hearts of the bride and groom, or filter through a noisy dinner party, making the guests snap their fingers or sway to the music. Choose with or without background music.  The type of music that is chosen is based upon your event. And if desired, all music chosen is approved by the client before the event.
Pricing is based upon the nature of the event, location, and equipment needed.  An estimate can be provided after the first consultation.  Most wedding ceremonies/receptions can range from $150 to $600 (again, this is an estimate).
For questions or a price estimate, contact me.
For music samples, click here.
To learn more about Michele, click here.
Now providing private flute music lessons for the beginning flutist!

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