Cat and Mouse

“Remember, the two-legged and the four-legged are made by the same creator. We are relatives.” -Cloud Dancing (from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) “No creature is undeserving of love. God reminds us of that.” –Today’s Gift from Hazelden It had been a long week. For various reasons, I was feeling especially lonely and disconnected. That’s kind … More Cat and Mouse

Other People’s Opinions…It only matters what the cat thinks

“We’re even entitled to opinions! And yes, we do have some of those. We can think appropriately and rationally. We even have the power to evaluate ourselves and our thoughts, so we can correct our thinking when it becomes disastrous or irrational.” -Melody Beattie, Codependent No More Everyone knows not to care about what other … More Other People’s Opinions…It only matters what the cat thinks

Gratitude Break

I have been overwhelmed with the positive feedback I have received on my blog over the past several days. I am so grateful that my own journey is inspiring others. I started this to aid in my own healing. What an amazing blessing that it has touched others. Today, I am going to take a … More Gratitude Break