My Diseased Hope

My latest essay called “My Diseased Hope” is now available in the 2016 issue of the Delmarva Review. This essay is an amazing accomplishment for me because: 1. It is a very open, personal and intimate exploration of my struggle (and daily defeat) with major depressive disorder, and 2. It is the very first time … More My Diseased Hope

Building a Basement

The Summer 2015 issue of Diverse Arts Project is out. If you’re a fan of online journals with a purpose, please visit, as it is a beautiful issue. But specifically, please visit the site to ready my latest essay Building a Basement in the memoir/nonfiction section. This essay is an emotional (of course) account of my … More Building a Basement

She Works Hard for the Joy (?): Professional Abandonment

As I reflected on what I was going to write for today’s abandonment topic, I began to think about the struggle many of us have with our professional lives these days. Whether your issue is unemployment; underemployment; having a job you hate; having a job you like but are unfulfilled; or having no clue what … More She Works Hard for the Joy (?): Professional Abandonment


I remember my mom’s kitchen was painted yellow, and it was the place where good food was created and where you could smell the food from a block away.  It was also the place where we would gather around the table for a few laughs, where my mom would do my hair, or where we … More Pancakes