Life Happens

Last Thursday, I had to see and hire an attorney for a legal issue I’m facing. I fully expected this to be an awful experience. I expected to feel a lot of shame and sadness for this issue. I mean, it is an attorney we’re dealing with. Usually, we seek the counsel of attorneys for … More Life Happens

The Laughter Gene

“Then, not only a breeze of love and spirit…ever a giggle and a smile…cheer/cheer/cheer!…Charm and just plain happy personality brought her far ahead of the era.” -An excerpt from a letter written to me about my grandmother from a family friend The description above was written by a gentleman who my grandmother worked for years … More The Laughter Gene

The Laughter Secret

The definition of the expression Shhhh, is not “be quiet.” The real definition is: I can’t deal with your expressions of happiness. You are laughing too loud. And when you laugh loud that means you have happiness in your life. I am afraid. I am afraid because I may never know that level of happiness. … More The Laughter Secret