Never Alone

There was one moment. One moment that I began to feel sorry for myself. Spouses taking pictures, kids, families. And me alone. Well physically alone. I retreated back to that old feeling, those old beliefs. Who do I have to be to not walk this journey alone? Who do I have to be to be … More Never Alone

A true self poem

I usually don’t write poetry, but I participated in a spiritual activity the other week where I was challenged to reflect on a time when I felt I was my true self. After the reflection, I was supposed to write a poem. So I thought I would share it here: My true self stands before … More A true self poem

Sneaky Loneliness

Emotions all over the place. But this is not new. It just seems like the stuff I have to work through has no end. It’s like there are so many layers to work through in order to get back to my authentic self. Sometimes it feels like I will never get there. It’s funny that … More Sneaky Loneliness