She Had Known Me Forever

The January 2014 issue of Foliate Oak Literary Magazine is out. It’s a beautiful issue in general…but specifically, it features my essay “She Had Known Me Forever” in the Creative Nonfiction section. This essay is my most emotionally profound to date, as I discuss the emotional aftermath of my sister’s murder…and how that loss ultimately connected me … More She Had Known Me Forever

Saturday Diversion – St. Patrick’s Day Memories by Michele O’Whitney

No sleepy Saturday for me today because unfortunately I have to work. I thought I would take a diversion from the topic for this month because it’s St. Patrick’s Day and this day always sparks a couple of childhood memories for me. The first memory is from when I was in the 1st grade. On … More Saturday Diversion – St. Patrick’s Day Memories by Michele O’Whitney


I remember my mom’s kitchen was painted yellow, and it was the place where good food was created and where you could smell the food from a block away.  It was also the place where we would gather around the table for a few laughs, where my mom would do my hair, or where we … More Pancakes

Musical Love

I started playing the flute when I was 10.  I remember I was in the 4th grade.  At the school I went to, Poe Classical School, we all had to choose an instrument to play.  The most popular instrument was the flute, probably followed closely by the clarinet.  Some of the kids had difficulty fixing … More Musical Love

My first memory…

My first memory was creative.  I was sitting down in front of some kind of box, I’m not sure if it was a shoebox, wig box or what.  But I remember being in a fashion show where for entertainment this man was playing the bongos.  I loved the way those drums sounded.  I wanted to … More My first memory…