Cat and Mouse

“Remember, the two-legged and the four-legged are made by the same creator. We are relatives.” -Cloud Dancing (from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman) “No creature is undeserving of love. God reminds us of that.” –Today’s Gift from Hazelden It had been a long week. For various reasons, I was feeling especially lonely and disconnected. That’s kind … More Cat and Mouse

Understanding (prayer)

Father God, I am asking for understanding in what you are trying to accomplish in my life through past and current circumstances.  Please help me to not get stuck in circumstances and know that Your will and purpose is best for me.

Patience (prayer)

Father, I am asking you for patience today.  I am asking that you teach me how to have faith in You only.  I know that You know my weaknesses and I am asking that You make me strong in those areas.